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Video Hugh McGraw: Sacred Harp Styles
Sacred Harp singing master Hugh McGraw demonstrates the "happy" side of Sacred Harp singing....
Image Singing from The Sacred Harp
The sound of Sacred Harp may vary a bit from region to region, and white singers have different styles...
Image The Sacred Harp
First published in 1844, The Sacred Harp song book has helped to promote the style of singing known as...
Video Hugh McGraw: How to Sing Sacred Harp
Sacred Harp singing master Hugh McGraw demonstrates how singers replace the shape notes (fasola) with...
Image Singing from The Sacred Harp
Gapped scales (having less than the usual seven notes) and unusual harmonies help account for this traditional...
Article Antebellum Music
The musical life of antebellum Georgia is remarkable not so much for its originality—much of...
Article Okefenokee Swamp Folklore
The Okefenokee Swamp and environs are a distinctive folk region, shaped by Celtic ethnicity, geographic...
Article Music Archives and Repositories
With native performers ranging from Johnny Mercer to Little Richard and musical styles ranging from ...
Article Folklife: Overview
Georgia folklife includes a wide range of community-shared, informally learned traditions, from the African...
Image Hoboken-Style Singing
Sacred Harp singers Julie and Kathy Lee participate in the 2001 Hoboken Singing Day. The Library of Congress...
Article Southern Gospel Music
Over the years Georgians have made significant contributions to the creation and survival of southern...
Article Gospel Singing Conventions
Since the late nineteenth century, the tradition of gathering together at singing conventions to "make...
Image "Wondrous Love"
The shape-note system in The Sacred Harp uses a different shape to represent each of the four syllables...
Video Hugh McGraw: Singing School
Sacred Harp singing master Hugh McGraw explains how one starts out at the very beginning of a singing...
Article Wiregrass Folklore
Wiregrass country, named for its native tall grass (Aristida stricta), is a historic area of the South...
Article Bulloch County
When it was formed in 1796 as Georgia's twenty-first county, Bulloch County consisted of more than 500,000...
Article Primitive Baptists
The Primitive Baptists emerged in Georgia and elsewhere as a distinct denomination during the early nineteenth...
Article Harris County
Harris County, in west central Georgia on the Alabama border, is the state's seventy-second county. Created...
Article Brantley County
In 1920 Brantley County, in southeast Georgia, became Georgia's 158th county. Prior to 1920, residents...
Image Singing Leader
In a manner reminiscent of the singing schools, a leader chooses songs, which are called a "lesson,"...

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