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Lewes, St Michael's
South Malling,


Lewes Sacred Harp Singing Day
South Malling Parish Church
Saturday, 1 July 2017

Lewes Sacred Harp Singing Day
South Malling Parish Church, Lewes, Sussex, United Kingdom
Saturday, July 1, 2017

The annual Lewes Sacred Harp Singing Day was called to order by Rachel Jordan leading 34b followed by the opening prayer offered by Mike Cooper. Leaders: Nick Hall 73b; Ian Lamb 28b; Seth Dickens 448b; Rob Mahoney 107; Grace Scrimgeour 216; Ron Hollman 67; Catherine Roberts 276; Edwin Macadam 473; Machna Nowak 313b; Andrew Clark 287; Teresa Maguire 106; Steve Welch 569t; Sheila Girling Macadam 173; Pete Eiseman-Renyard 82t; Werner Ullah 503.


Derek Buckland 178; Arthur Swindells 191; Iain Paxon 535; Eleanor Callaghan 29t; Johannes Saver 344; Beverly Dayton 122; Nina Riegler 415; Jan Lawrence 339; Rachel Jordan 171; Ian Lamb 547; Seth Dickens 505; Grace Scrimgeour 33b; Nick Hall 283; Machna Nowak 504; Andrew Clark 235; Pete Eiseman-Renyard 49t; Catherine Roberts 278t; Joe Jones 113.

Edwin Macadam 540; Werner Ullah 28t; Teresa Maguire 35; Ron Hollman 181; Steve Welch 477; Iain Paxon 209; Sheila Girling Macadam 330b. Mary Welch spoke for the sick and housebound  and Werner Ullah read their names: Paula Mogensen, Rebecca Over, Lisa O’Grady, Geoffrey Rendle, MaryJo Clogg, Irmtraud Fessen, Jeannie Blagg, Ced Morgan, Mabel Aitchison, Kate Rothery, Esteban Cortez Herrera, Maddy O’Brien, Tommy Spurlock and Roy Holloway. Steve Welch led 489. The memorial lesson was read by Catherine Roberts in honour of the deceased Hugh McGraw, Joan Smith, June Eames, Phœbe Davidson, Gisela Sakaras, Helga Wahrig, Tilo Jeske, Jana Rosenstein, Peggy Willson, Bob Bunnel, Honey, Kathleen Evelyn Rowell, Gaetano Scarasciullo and Rosa Pascazio, and Catherine led 549 in their memory. Rob Mahoney closed the memorial with prayer. Leaders: Arthur Swindells 332; Derek Buckland 74b; Johannes Saver 378t; Jan Lawrence 318; Lucy Day 65; Beverly Dayton 334; Rob Mahoney 159. Milly Murphy offered grace before the noon meal.


Nick Hall called the class back to order leading 452. Leaders: Eleanor Callaghan 481; Paul Setford 182; Nina Riegler 448t; Sarah Hill 270; Jacoba Bruneel 268; Joe Jones 300; Edwin Macadam 183; Lucy Day 81t; Rachel Jordan 500; Ian Lamb 99; Seth Dickens 236; Jan Lawrence 52t; Machna Nowak 296t; Sheila Girling Macadam 372; Andrew Clark 496; Grace Scrimgeour 485; Steve Welch 147b; Catherine Roberts 480; Arthur Swindells 434; Werner Ullah 30t.


Rob Mahoney 454; Jill Thompson 299; Paul Setford 273; Ron Holman 542; Eleanor Callaghan 86; Teresa Maguire 460; Derek Buckland 146; Sarah Hill 531; Jacoba Bruneel 47b; Nina Riegler 101; Johannes Saver 455; Beverly Dayton 497. Announcements were made. Rachel Jordan thanked all who had helped in any way to make this singing possible then led 347 as the closing song. Edwin Macadam offered the closing prayer and the class was dismissed.

Chairman--Rachel Jordan; Treasurer--Mike Cooper; Secretaries--Nick Hall and Mary Welch.




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